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We are looking to expand our BTG Canadian Selects program to the boys side next summer. After getting the chance to see the tournament and level of play this summer, it will be a competitive and unique opportunity for a group or two) of young men next summer. We would like to have a significant Manitoban component in this program and would love if you could share this announcement and information with your athletes and contacts.

Here is a quick rundown of our Canadian Selects Team program this summer. We selected two teams of top players from across the country from events last year. We had the players meet in Langley BC to train for a week before heading to Tulsa, OK where we competed in the USA Volleyball All-Star Championships. This was a tremendously successful program for the athletes and coaches, who had the opportunity to train, develop and compete at a very high level. We also had the chance to have some amazing experiences and develop friendships and connections that will extend far past our summer together.

We will be running our BTG Canadian Selects Teams for the summer of 2023 for the U17 and under (2006 and 2007 birthdates) category and the U19 and under (2004 and 2005 birthdates) categories for girls. We would also like to run U17 and U19 teams for boys as well, if there is interest. These teams will, once again, compete in the USA Volleyball All-Star Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in mid July 2023 to compete against regional All-Star teams from across the US and the Caribbean.

Here is an outline of the prospective boys program next summer:

- We will select two teams of 12 athletes, and three alternates to compete at either the U17 or U19 level. Athletes must be born after January 1st, 2004.

- The selected athletes will meet at (Womens teams at Trinity Western, Mens- TBC) to train for a week in July, then travel to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to compete in the Volleyball USA All-Star Championship from July 19- 23rd.

- During training period in Van teams will train together, either by position or as a full group, with an individual team component session training added in.

- We will focus on skill development, game management, match preparation and high level, multi-skill game play drills while still ensuring we develop athlete fundamentals.

- Athletes will stay and eat together on the college/ university campus with multiple training sessions each day.

- There will also be team building activities, training with guest high-performance coaches, and information sessions on post-secondary volleyball, game planning, mental preparation, and physical training and international volleyball.

- Players will be provided with a branded clothing package including jerseys

- This program is not designed to compete with or replace your provinces Provincial Team programs. It is simply an opportunity for more athletes to compete and train at an elite level, get exposure to different coaches, and international competition.

We will be selecting athletes from across the country from all our events (showcases, tournaments, etc.), but we will also be running a Boys BTG Canadian Selects Identification Combine in Winnipeg on September 1st from 3:30-5pm, and from 6-7:30pm. This will be run in conjunction with our BTG Manitoba Showcase, but the Combine will only focus on athletes interested in the BTG Canadian Selects Program, while the Showcase will focus on athletes who are aspiring to the post-secondary level, as well as interest in the BTG Canadian Selects program. The cost for the Combine is $50.

Athletes can register for the combine as follows:

1. Email with their name, DOB, position, and Club

2. Etransfer registration fee of $50 to

Here is the information link from our website:

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